God has a fantastic purpose for your life, and the Life Church Growth Track is designed to help you connect with that purpose. On the Growth Track, you'll spend three Sundays diving into what it looks like to know God, build relationships and connect to the church, discover your purpose, and then make a difference with your life.

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  • Life Church 101

    Life Church 101 is designed to help you find out more about what it means to know God, who we are, what we do, where we're going, and how you can be a part of it all.

  • Life church 201

    Life Church 201 is about you. We'll help you find out more about how God has designed you, what your spiritual gifts and talents are, and how you can use them to discover your purpose and serve others.

  • Life church 301

    Life Church 301 is all about getting plugged into the flow of Life Church and start utilizing how you're designed to impact others. You'll be introduced to our SERVE TEAM primary areas and many opportunities in each of them to serve, and then be given the opportunity to sign-up and become a part of the team.

    Already Completed 301? Ready to sign-up and become a part of the team?