life church: moving forward

From our first service nearly 13 years ago, God has been with us. Consistent. Faithful. Every step of the way. 

And as we make our way toward the Fall of 2021, we believe He's still here. Among and in his people, the church. What a privilege to be a part of it. 

Life Church is in a time of transition. Beginning in May 2021, we've been in the midst of a 5-month process for our church that will carry us through the end of September. 

At that point, because of health reasons, Pastor Todd and his family will be stepping away from pastoral vocational ministry, and we'll be winding down Life Church. 

For much more detail about this, please check Pastor Todd's blog post.

This obviously is a very difficult decision, but one that has and is being done with much prayer, much counsel, and much planning. Amidst the difficulty, we sense God's peace. A peace that transcends our understanding. And we're so grateful. 

As we approach the end of this chapter, we do so thankful for the practical way God has helped us to exist. We have no debt, will have no outstanding expenses, we've lived within our means throughout our entire history, are financially solvent, and have been able to financially partner with other Christian ministries over the years and give away tens of thousands of dollars to help them further their missions. What a blessing to be a part of something larger than ourselves.

Thank you for praying for Life Church. And, in the days ahead, joining with us to celebrate God's goodness and anticipate a future full of His best. 

From all of us at Life Church, thank you. 

Let's keep walking with Jesus.