Moms and Dads... As we navigate through the COVID-19 realities, and as you plan for the weekend, we've got you and your children covered on Sunday morning!

Kid City Online is available for Preschoolers, Elementary, and Middle School each weekend - exciting age-specific songs and lessons to watch, geared to your child (updated each weekend!) 

You can access it all here:


Kids are extra special at Life Church!  

Each Sunday service includes concurrent classes for Little Lifers (Nursery, ages 2-5), KIDZ Life (ages 6-9), and K-Crew (ages 10-12). FUSION students (ages 13 and up) currently meet every other Friday night.

  • For nursing moms or parents of newborns/infants, there's a separate Cry Room with changing table available across from the bathrooms (directional signs in the Lobby will point the way). There's also an audio feed to the main service (that you can control) in this room.  

Here's how Kid City works: 

When you arrive at Life Church with your children for a weekend service, stop by the Connection table (just inside the main entrance) where we'll help you get your child(ren) registered for the appropriate Kid City class.   

At the start of the service in the Sanctuary, both children and adults are together for a time of greeting one another and singing songs. It's a great opportunity to worship as a family. Following this worship time, a specific announcement will be made and all the children will be dismissed. At this point, our youngest friends are welcome to go the Little Lifers/Nursery classroom (ages 2-5), and the older children will meet for a brief group gathering in the Community Room (we'll explain where that is), followed by dismissal to their own age-specific, kid-themed rooms: the KIDZ Life classroom (ages 6-9), and the K-Crew classroom (ages 10-12). 

All the Kid City classes will conclude at the same time as the adult session. After the main service is dismissed, Kid City children can be picked in their respective classrooms. Children will only be released to the parent(s) who registered them before service.

During each Kid City class, the children enjoy kid-friendly crafts, an exciting story, occasional snacks and the chance to make new friends, all in a safe, fun environment. 

  • All leaders and staff serving in Kid City classes/activities, undergo a detailed Assessment and Background Check as a part of the Life Church Serve Team volunteer process.