Life Church is a non-denominational Christian church in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and our purpose is simple - we exist to make committed followers of Jesus Christ. 

We began in September 2008  with a handful of people, meeting at the Towson YMCA for two years, setting up and tearing down each weekend. Then in October 2010, we moved to our first permanent facility in east Towson, a location that for six years we called home, and, completely outgrew. 

After a lengthy search for new space, in the Fall and Winter of 2016 we found, negotiated on, agreed to, and began renovating our new church campus in Hunt Valley - a space over 3x larger than our previous location.

While having a building is nice, we very aware that church is ultimately really about two things: God and people. This is something we take very seriously, and something that we think you'll recognize from the moment you walk in the door.

We also think you'll enjoy your experience at Life Church. The size of the congregation won't make you feel on display as a new guest, but you also won't get lost among the masses either. 

Here's something we truly believe - you matter. Whether it's just beginning or is continuing, we desire to help you grow in your relationship with God.